Bernedoodle Puppy Pricing

All of our Mini Bernedoodle pups are $1700 to $2900 (depending on markings and coloring, puppies will be priced and labeled accordingly when placed on our website for selections—for example merles and tris will typically be $2900, and solids will typically be $1700 and tuxedos will fall somewhere in between). Our deposit is $600, is non-refundable, and goes toward the total price of your puppy. You can use the "Pay Now" button below to send a secure deposit through PayPal using your credit or debit card.  You do not need to have PayPal to place a deposit through there.  You can just simply use your card as a guest.  After we see that your deposit has come through, we will email you a confirmation and add your name to the deposit list on the "Available Pups" page. 

Pay your $600 non-refundable deposit by clicking on this button:

Other Payment and Shipping/Delivery Info:

We accept PayPal for deposits, payments in full, and shipping fees.  Upon letting us know you would like to purchase a puppy through email or phone, we will send you back to this page to pay via PayPal for the non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy which goes toward the total price of your puppy.  If the puppy you want is not available when it is your time to choose, then your non-refundable deposit goes towards a puppy of your choice in the next litter.  All you have to do is click the "Pay Now" button on this page, and it will take you to the secure PayPal website so you can pay... this protects us and you.  After receiving your payment, your puppy's status on our website will change to "RESERVED".   At the time of selection, you will be asked to make another non-refundable payment of $600 to secure your selection (this $600 also goes towards the total price of your puppy).  If you are picking up your puppy in person you can either pay the remainder of the price via PayPal before we meet, or bring the remainder of payment in CASH.   Sorry, we do not accept checks or money orders.  If we are shipping the dog, payment in full and all shipping costs must be done BEFORE we make all the travel arrangements.  When delivering your puppy, we like meeting people in person.  So when shipping by air is necessary, then we can meet you at the Kansas City International Airport (MCI) with your puppy.  It is a small fee, (usually around $100) to have your puppy fly back home with you as a carry-on under your seat.  We do charge $150 for our time and gas to do an airport delivery.  Also, you will need a health certificate from our vet for your puppy (within ten days of travel) to leave the state of MO, that is an additional $30 to the price of the puppy for the vet check, which will cover the vet check, time, and travel to and from the vet (*we require this for any puppy that is leaving the state of MO, whether your puppy is flying or going home by vehicle).  We can help walk you through any travel arrangements necessary for your pup to fly with you!  We also are willing to meet you somewhere by vehicle if we are within reasonable driving distance of each other.  We are an easy drive for our customers who are from Denver, Colorado, Dallas, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We have some folks that will drive and meet from much farther or just catch a quick flight and return home a few hours later!  If you would like to know how much that would be, let us know where you would be traveling from and we will give you a price quote.  Feel free to contact us with any questions! *Shipping rates, regulations, and availability are subject to change, so please note that.